A Living Wage & Economic Opportunities

Vanessa believes that in order for our communities to thrive and grow, families need jobs that pay a living wage and small businesses need economic access to build and expand.

Quality Education for All Children


Vanessa believes an education is essential to the future success of our children and that every child deserves access to a qualified teacher, a well rounded curriculum and after school programs all within a school that has the resources they need.

Expanding College Access

Access to a higher education opens doors to whole new careers and opportunities that make a real difference in the lives of families each and every day. This is particularly true when families are facing lingering barriers of discrimination due to their race, ethnicity, language, disability or gender. That’s why Vanessa has been a leader in supporting access to college for all residents who are seeking to pursue a higher education.

Increasing Access to Affordable Healthcare

Vanessa has been leading the fight to improve access to affordable healthcare for families throughout the Bronx.

Access to Affordable Housing

As a member of the state Assembly, Vanessa L. Gibson has won the battle to protect tenants by passing legislation extending the rent regulations our families need. She knows we need to have greater access to affordable housing and will continue to fight to preserve and expand affordable housing.


Keeping Our Community Safe

Vanessa has worked with residents throughout our community to make our homes and streets safer by leading anti-violence vigils, peace rallies and community forums, and introducing legislation requiring anti-gun violence education in our schools. Joining with tenant associations as a true partner she has sought to upgrade security in housing development throughout the communities we share.

Affordable Public Transportation

Joining with local residents and community advocates, Vanessa was instrumental in getting the MTA to restore threatened cuts to the BX 18 bus line and protecting the Student No-Fare Program from the budget ax. Vanessa used her leadership in the state Assembly to be a vocal advocate for those who want to protect services for the disabled by supporting the Access-A-Ride program and introduced legislation to make the Student No-Fare Program permanent.

Embracing the Full Diversity of Our Community

Vanessa supports the right of all New Yorkers to express their personal identity safely and without discrimination.

Supporting Youth & Seniors

Vanessa L. Gibson knows that we must implement public policies that provide quality services for our seniors and youth, and she is committed to making those policies a reality.

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