Increasing Access to Affordable Healthcare

Vanessa has been leading the fight to improve access to affordable healthcare for families throughout the Bronx.

As our Assembly Member, Vanessa...

  • successfully passed legislation which makes it easier to establish community-based health care providers
  • introduced legislation to study the high incidence of asthma in the Bronx and requires the state to prepare an action plan that addresses the asthma epidemic in the Bronx (Assembly Bill A. 550, 2013)
  • advocated for the more than 100,000 New Yorkers living with Lupus by introducing several pieces of legislation to create education, prevention and research funds for those living with this painful chronic disease.
  • introduced legislation to strengthen the training requirements for kidney dialysis technicians (Assembly Bill A. 554, 2013)

As our Council Member, Vanessa will...

  • focus on innovative ways to address the ongoing health care disparities in the Bronx such as asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure
  • advocate for expanding opportunities for school-based health centers
  • fight to expand Green Markets and other programs that provide the three A’s to healthy foods; Access, Awareness, Affordability
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